Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits are available to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of a workrelated incident. To combat the risk of reoccurring losses and a higher Experience Mod, most employers implement a strict safety policy and hope that takes care of the rest. Often, it is not enough.

The Provant Group, FirstCallNetwork, and Triune Health Group partnered to create CompGUARD, a workers’ compensation program that combines up-front loss control, claims management, and return to work to reduce total claims cost by at least 30%.

Our fundamental purpose is to deliver unparalleled claim outcomes for our clients through superior clinical access, case management, medical data management, and billing management in a transparent environment.

Improve Claim Outcomes

The unfortunate reality is that even the safest workplaces experience injuries. Employers try to make sure their loss control and return to work programs lead to optimal claim outcomes. However, where most loss control programs fail is on the claim management and coordination of care.

CompGUARD bridges the gap between employers, hospitals and insurance providers.

Our program ensures the claim is handled by tenured nurses from the first doctor or ER visit. In addition, our proprietary IT system allows immediate access to medical notes, eliminating lag time between doctor visits.

Until now there has never been a more efficient, cost effective approach to workers’ compensation.


The best way to control your experience modification and save on workers’ compensation claims is to close them as quickly as possible.

  • Loss Control
  • Claims Management
  • Return to Work