Enables Tailored Health Plans, Streamlined Cost Savings and Advanced Risk Management for Brokerage’s Clients

Boston, MA -March X, 2023 Gradient AI, a leading enterprise software provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions  in the insurance industry, today announced that The Provant Group, a national commercial insurance brokerage, has chosen Gradient AI’s SAIL™ solution to quantify and gain deeper insights into group health risk enabling the brokerage to customize insurance policies that cater to the unique needs of each customer.

The Provant Group strives to deliver personalized services that are characteristic of a boutique firm, while also leveraging sophisticated analytics and methods that are typical of larger operations. To offer the best possible insurance policies and pricing to its clients, Provant has implemented Gradient AI’s SAIL group health underwriting solution. By leveraging the solution’s advanced AI capabilities, predictive analytics, and extensive medical database, Provant can conduct a more thorough analysis of group health risks than ever before.

This insight enables Provant to gain a deeper understanding of a client’s current and future group risk and empowers the firm to offer more personalized and optimized insurance policies tailored to clients’ specific requirements. This in turn provides clients with a greater degree of control over their healthcare coverage at rates typically only available to larger employers.

“We help our customers move from a reactive to a proactive state, thanks to SAIL’s ability to eliminate blind spots, predict risks and uncover cost savings opportunities,” said Vince DiBenedetto, CEO of The Provant Group. “By leveraging SAIL, we’re able to offer our clients a level of transparency and insights into their group health risk that was previously unattainable. As a result, we can create tailored group health solutions that meet the specific requirements of each client’s employee group.”

“We are thrilled that Provant is using Gradient AI’s SAIL solution to assist their small business clients in gaining a more complete understanding of their group risk,” said Stan Smith, founder and CEO of Gradient AI. “In the past, these businesses lacked transparency in this area, leaving them at a disadvantage when working with larger carriers. By leveraging the latest in AI, data analytics, and medical health data, Provant is addressing a previously unmet need in the small business market, enabling customers to obtain the best value and plans that are tailored to their specific requirements.”

Smith added, “This level of personalization has the potential to revolutionize the way companies approach employee health benefits, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this shift.”

About Gradient AI

Gradient AI is a leading provider of proven artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the insurance industry. Its solutions improve loss ratios and profitability by predicting underwriting and claim risks with greater accuracy, as well as reducing quote turnaround times and claim expenses through intelligent automation. Unlike other solutions that use a limited claims and underwriting dataset, Gradient’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform leverages a vast dataset comprised of tens of millions of policies and claims.  It also incorporates numerous other features including economic, health, geographic and demographic information. Customers include some of the most recognized insurance carriers, MGAs, TPAs, risk pools, PEOs and large self-insureds across all major lines of insurance. By using Gradient AI’s solutions, insurers of all types achieve a better return on risk. To learn more about Gradient, please visit: https://www.gradientai.com.

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