Resident Liability Insurance Reimagined

It’s not just about the rent.

It’s about keeping your residents safe and secure, and making sure your building is protected from liability.

That’s why we’re here for you.

With a Resident Liability Captive, you can offer your residents a simple way to secure the insurance coverage required in their lease agreement—and do it with a program that lets you generate a new revenue stream through underwriting profits and risk mitigation.

Whether you have 2,000 units or 10,000 units, own or manage, ask us if our program will meet your needs.

How it works

Resident Liability coverage provides protection against damage to the building’s property caused by fire, smoke, explosion, water damage and falling objects. The policy has a limit of $100,000 per occurrence with no deductible and no aggregate limit.

We take over all third party policy tracking from your staff, significantly reducing time spent on administration.

Resident Liability Captive: Sample Client Analysis (assuming 5k units)
Timeline to Train/Implement 30 days (simultaneous with captive formation)
Waiver of Liability Fee Paid by Resident in Rent $14 per enrolled unit per month
Anticipated Resident Participation 80-90%
Captive Manager & Broker Fee $4 per enrolled unit per month
Gross Profit to Multifamily Operator or Owner $10 per enrolled unit per month
Gross Annual Profit to Multifamily Group $480,000/year