No longer are technology companies the only businesses with technology exposures. Technological innovation and reliance on data networks pose risks that are virtually limitless and expand to almost every business, both on a global and local level. Having insurance that is tailored to these risks that generally fall outside the scope of traditional insurance policies creates a significant business advantage.

At The Provant Group, we can tailor a combination of coverages to fit your exposure including:

  • Privacy and Security Liability – coverage for defense costs and damages to third parties and employees for the failure of network security that resulted in a violation of a right to privacy or confidentiality.
  • Breach Notification – coverage for the costs to notify, provide credit-monitoring, and other services for individuals who had a release of their private information.
  • Regulatory Defense – coverage for the defense costs and damages due to regulatory action after a security breach.
  • Loss of Network Asset – coverage for the costs of specialists and investigators to assess and repair system damage.
  • Loss of Business Income – coverage for the loss of business income if systems or data assets were lost, corrupted, or inaccessible due to a security breach.
  • Public Relations – coverage for the costs to engage public relations assistance due to a security breach.
  • Media Liability – coverage for defense costs and damages to third parties caused by the release or display of media resulting in a violation.
  • Technology Liability – coverage against potentially expensive and distracting litigation involving professional negligence or charges of breach of contract in the performance of technology products and services.

We can work together to make sure you are aware of and prepared to handle your business exposures so that you can focus on what is most important, growing your business.